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At The Community School, you’re accepted for who you are and encouraged to be all you can be. If you’re serious about learning and willing to work, you’ll be rewarded with more than a high school diploma.Click here to apply.

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Mission Statement

school iconThe Community School is an academic and mentoring high school, based in the Remington community, for young people who want to advance their education, improve their lives, and better their community. Students develop their skills, knowledge, creativity, confidence, intellectual curiosity and worldview in a safe, supportive, and comfortable yet rigorous environment.

Classroom Environment

teacherWe believe the best learning environment is with a small class promoting maximum interaction among the students and between the student and teacher. Our school creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere that encourages engagement and intellectual curiosity. Although we resemble the old one room schoolhouse, the classroom employs all of the latest learning technology.

Admissions Guidelines

adminThe Community School accepts applications from any individual regardless of, race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or color who is age 14 thru 17 and has completed at least the 8th grade. The successful student is self-motivated and commits to being in school everyday, on time, prepared to learn, with a positive attitude, and willing to do all the work.

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“Education Is Not the Filling of a Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire”
–W.B. Yeats