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Conversation with Nonieqa Ramos

The school was honored by a visit from teacher and author Nonieqa Ramos on the same day that her book The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary was released to the public. Noni shared insights into her book and the writing process.  The school was able to get an early release of the book and the students have been reading it all week both in class and at home.  This young adult novel has the universal endorsement of every student in our school. Student Daj’a White said, “I really feel like this is a great book because It speaks the truth and also makes me think about myself.” Noni share her time generously encouraging the students to share their writing and commenting on each one. She also took the time to talk with each student individually. Thanks also go to Martha Marani and The Ivy Bookshop for arranging this memorable visit. The book is available locally at The Ivy Bookshop and also through Amazon.