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The Community School is an academic & mentoring high school, based in the Remington community, for young people who want to advance their education, improve their lives, and better their community.

12Things you need to know about The Community School:

  1. We are a private high school certified by the Maryland State Department of Education and not part of the Baltimore City Public Schools.
  2. The Community School welcomes a diverse student body – shy or outgoing; openly creative or yet to develop your talents; have difficulty learning or not feeling challenged; all races and religions; learn best one-on-one or in a group; gay or straight; from the surrounding neighborhood or not, have had academic success in the past or hoping to find it here.
  3. We are interested in motivated students who really want to learn and grow and make something of themselves. We only accept students who are committed to developing good personal habits including being drug and alcohol free and our 5 habits for success.
  4. The Community School is designed as a 4 year high school and accepts both graduating 8th graders and students who transfer from other high schools.
  5. We are a rigorous school where students work hard in a safe, comfortable environment with loads of support.
  6. Every accepted student effectively receives a scholarship valued at over $10,000 that covers over 85% of the cost to attend the school.
  7. There is a tuition of $1400 per year payable in payments of $35 per week. There is a one-time refundable $50 book deposit.
  8. We provide all of your school supplies and there is no additional cost for our frequent field trips.
  9. The Community School is a small school with an average of 12 students per class and a student body limited to 30 students.
  10. We help students get into college or trade school and provide ongoing assistance once there. We also help our students with job readiness.
  11. The Community School is firmly committed to our students’ well-being and their academic and personal growth.
  12. A prospective student is given the opportunity to take part in a shadow day to have first-hand experience with how the school operates. To find out more email the school at or call 410-467-4920.
5 Habits of a Successful Student: Show Up Every Day, On Time, Prepared to Work, With a Positive Attitude and With All of Your Work

In Their Own Words

Students On TCS

“The reason I chose TCS is because of the environment. It’s like a family, and this school doesn’t treat you like other schools they care.” Garrett

I can finally say I believe in myself and I’m ready for any challenge that comes my way.” Daj’a

“There is no place that could keep me this focused and determined. The opportunity that you get at TCS is unmatched.” Spencer

“I am very confident in myself because of this school, and I am very smart. I am proud of myself, and I actually like school now.” Donald

“TCS is a small school, which is a better environment to learn in plus more attention” Sean

I have never excelled as good anywhere as I have here. It really fits me.” Aidan

“The school has helped me develop a new understanding of the world.” Vernon

“I didn’t know what I was walking into, but I am glad I did walk into this school because this school has made me a better person, not just academically, but also personally.” Jordan

“I’m glad that I joined because I am constantly growing and learning new things.” Caleb

“My teacher’s care for me and the school really has a nice and comfortable atmosphere.” Olivia