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The Community School exists because of the kindness and the professionalism of its volunteers.

The Community School is, at its root, a volunteer organization with limited paid staff. From our bookkeeper and resource developer to our writing teacher, from board members to those that cook meals for our students, our volunteers help create the opportunity for a first-rate academic and mentoring experience for our students. Each person who gives of their time is a part of the success that our students achieve. We hope you will consider joining our team.

If you have an idea, skill or talent to share, then email or review the committees and tasks below and get in touch with one of the committees directly.  Thank you. 

Lunch Committee

  • Donate lunch for 20 people. Once a week/once a month/once a quarter.
  • Sponsor lunch for the school
  • Donate money and cover the cost.
  • Contact local restaraunts and ask them to donate/sponsor.
  • Restaurant owners, we want to talk to you.
  • Provide paper goods and/or plastic ware.

Contact: Lenny:

Cleaning Committee

  • Sign up to help us spruce up the school and make it shine.
  • Ask local cleaning companies to donate their services. Or sponsor their services.
  • Donate cleaning supplies.

Contact: Kim:

Social Committee

  • Provide snacks for movie nights and/or other activities.
  • Sponsor a student’s event costs (usually $20 or less).
  • Looking for good deals on fun events. Who do you know?

Contact: Rachel:


  • Participate in already planned fundraisers. Help us sell items and get the word out.
  • Let us know about exciting fundraising opportunities. Get all the info you can and tell us about it. Such as: Quarter Auctions, Dine Out to donate events, Jewelry Sale, Community Yard Sale.
  • Chair or co-chair a fundraiser.

Contact: Stacy or Dave:


  • Help get the word out that the Community School is a Great choice for graduating middle school students and current high school students not thriving in their current school.
  • Share our Facebook page!

Contact: Tom: